Debbie Waters

Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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Hello, and welcome to my profile. My name is Debbie Waters and I offer one-hour, one-to-one sessions with adults in a private dedicated counselling room at Wadebridge Osteopaths.

In this profile, I would like to tell you my thoughts about counselling  and the way in which I work, as well as about my background.
Sometimes life can feel difficult. At some point in our lives we all experience challenges, emotional difficulties and uncertainties which can leave us feeling anxious, distressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes we might need support in an environment where we can be fully open, feel heard, understood and accepted.
These difficulties might include problems with our relationships, attachment and loss, work related stress, financial worries, illness, or unresolved emotional trauma from the near or distant past. You might feel depressed, anxious, sad, angry, isolated, lacking in confidence, have low self-esteem, be stuck or unable to cope. At this point you might not know what has brought you to counselling and that is okay. This is when counselling may help.
As a counsellor, I will provide you with a safe space and listen to you in a way that makes you feel heard and emotionally supported, without judgement. I will help you to unravel, express and make sense of your feelings and emotions using very gentle but effective techniques.
I understand that the counselling process can be painful and difficult as well as rich and rewarding. Your experience in counselling, our therapeutic relationship and the way we work together is important to me. Together, these inform my approach, which is warm, kindly and immediately puts people at ease.
Our sessions will be conducted in a supportive, compassionate, respectful and confidential environment, in which you will feel supported to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours at a pace that feels comfortable for you.
My practice is underpinned by humanistic values; a belief in individuals’ capacity to change. I believe that you have all the resources you need to make the changes you are seeking, given the right conditions.
I understand that every client is different in terms of what works for them and their needs, and that while one therapeutic approach may be helpful for one client, for another it might not be. My training is based on an integrative relational approach that allows me to draw from across different therapeutic schools so that I can tailor each session to what you need.
I am a Registered Member of the BACP and work within their ethical framework of good practice for counselling and psychotherapy. My registration details can be found here:
To make an appointment or to discuss how I might help you, please contact me via email or telephone. The details are at the bottom of this page.
There is no commitment made by attending a first meeting, and if you chose to meet with me again there is no obligation to commit to a minimum or maximum number of sessions.
I am a mental health nurse by background and have 30 years’ experience of  working in mental health settings. I understand the impact of mental health problems on individuals, carers and families. I have also worked across higher education and have an understanding of the issues affecting younger people.
Furthermore, I have supported women experiencing physical and/ or domestic violence.
I have extensive experience in facilitating personal and professional  development across the health and education sector. This includes experience in coaching, mentoring and career counselling using psychometrics.
To make an appointment, or for an informal, no-obligation chat, you can contact me in either of the following ways:
Mobile – 07974000761
I look forward to hearing from you.

Osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, counselling, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and reiki