Sports Massage and Body Massage Therapist

Lily has a passion for healing and relaxation and initially qualified as a Level 3 Body Massage Therapist in 2019. She then went onto study Sports Therapy and qualified as a Level 3 and 4 Sports Massage Therapist in early 2020. The advent of covid meant that she couldn’t go into practice immediately, so she took on other work until now.

Lily is a big believer in the benefits of massage as part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. She has joined Wadebridge Osteopaths primarily as a Sports Massage Therapist, but is delighted to be able to offer general body massage treatments whilst Grace is still on maternity leave.

To begin a Sports Massage treatment, Lily would aim to develop a good understanding of your lifestyle and combine this with an in-depth physical assessment. Then she will use techniques such as trigger pointing, deep tissue therapy, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques with the main aim of preventing and treating injuries. She would also look to aid your stretching by using a specialist PNF technique. All of this work is then supported by homecare advice.

Lily is keen to point out that Sports Massage therapy is not just for high level athletes. No matter what your occupation or your sporting ability, if your injury is sports, exercise or activity related, Lily will aim to help you.

Please call Wadebridge Osteopaths on 01208 812048 to book an appointment.

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