Recent changes in regulations mean that the wearing of masks in healthcare settings is no longer mandatory. However, we absolutely respect your right to choose what you are comfortable with, so you are welcome to wear a mask if you wish to do so. You can also ask your practitioner to wear a mask, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Your practitioner may have made the personal choice to continue to wear a mask anyway.

In line with all relevant guidance, we are delighted to have been able to continue offering our osteopathy, cranial osteopathy and counselling services to anybody who needed them throughout most of the last 24 months.

We still have robust infection control procedures in place to keep both you and our colleagues as safe as we possibly can. These range from regular hand cleaning to thorough wipedowns of all contact surfaces immediately after use, and the staggering of appointment times to minimise crossover within the reception area.

It must be recognised that face-to-face contact within the context of a manual therapy session arguably carries a greater risk of infection, as we work in close proximity to you, indoors and for a relatively prolonged period – exactly the opposite of social distancing. However, we are confident that the changes we have made to the way we work give you the most protection that we possibly can.

If you do not feel ready to venture back in yet, there are still other ways we can support you from a distance:

Stay connected with us

Our receptionists are now at work on a daily basis. If you need any advice or information, please call. If no-one can get to the phone, pleave a message with your name and number and one of us will call you back by the next working day at the latest.


Counsellor Debbie Waters is working regularly again and can also offer telephone consultations. You can find her contact details here.

Online advice

To support your self-care, we have been posting  a few links and videos of our favourite health care tips and exercises. You can find some of them here on our website, or you can have a look at Jo’s posts on our Facebook page.


Telephone consultations

If you need a more in-depth consideration of an issue, we can set up a free 15minute telephone consultation with you. 

If you are concerned that you or someone in your family might have the virus, you can use the NHS 111 Online service to check the symptoms and to get the latest advice on looking after yourself and your loved ones.

Please make sure you follow the most up to date advice on social distancing, self-isolation and shielding.

Protect yourself, your loved ones, your community and the NHS.

Take care out there and we look forward to seeing you again in person when you feel ready.


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