Your first visit

What to expect from a manual therapy.

Your first visit will last between 40 and 75 minutes, depending upon the therapy and therapist.

Upon arrival, the receptionist will ask you for key contact details, including name, address, telephone and email. All details are kept strictly confidential.

Your initial consultation will begin with questions about your current problem, general health and past medical history. This history gives your therapist  key insights into what might be causing your problem.

An examination will follow, which will involve the therapist placing their hands on the relevant areas of your body to feel the quality of the tissues. To make this easier, you may be asked to undress to your underwear, as long as you are comfortable to do so. If you wish, you are welcome to bring a “chaperone” with you.

Simple movement tests and other specific tests might follow, depending upon the nature of the problem.

The therapist will then discuss their findings with you and a decision will be made as to whether treatment is appropriate and likely to be effective. If treatment is considered appropriate, the therapist is required to inform you of any possible after effects that might occur and how to manage them, as well as how long the treatment programme might be expected to take.

Treatment typically involves hands-on techniques including soft tissue massage and stretching, deep pressure and mobilization or manipulation of joints. Support belts or taping might be suggested to enhance or sustain the effects of treatment and exercise, posture and lifestyle advice might also be offered.

Treatment is rarely painful and is generally found to be pleasant and relaxing.

After treatment, a suitable follow-up appointment will be offered.

Payment is requested immediately after each visit. Please note that we are only able to accept cash or cheque. There are cashpoint machines available outside each of the main banks just down the road.



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