Cranio-Sacral Therapy



Cranio-Sacral therapy is a gentle way of working with the body using light touch. It works with the whole person and changes may occur in body, mind and spirit during and after sessions. It is suitable for acute physical problems like headaches or bad backs, or long-standing problems both physical and emotional. Others come for ongoing support in their busy lives and for help to meet life’s challenges.


Because it is so gentle and non-invasive, craniosacral therapy is suitable for everyone from new-borns to the elderly. Mothers and babies often come for problems associated with difficult or traumatic births. Letting go of tension and fear held in the body enables both to settle into calmness.

Our style of Cranio-Sacral Therapy is, in essence, very similar to Cranial Osteopathy, with the main difference being that the therapist is not a Registered Osteopath. As the availability of our Cranial Osteopathy sessions is limited, we are lucky to have this excellent alternative on offer.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy at Wadebridge Osteopaths is offered by Grace Retallick.


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