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In line with our published pricing policy, the time is approaching when we implement an annual cost-of-living linked price rise.

This year, unfortunately, we have to face the reality of the recent surge in inflation and in the price of electricity.

Therefore, from May 1st, most therapies will see an average fee increase of £5 per session.

We understand this is a difficult time for many people, but we still think this represents extremely good value for what we offer, when compared to other therapy charges and professional fees.

Thank you for your understanding.


As a healthcare practice, we are specifically excluded from the recent lifting of the rules on mask wearing. Therefore, everybody who wishes to enter our building is still required to wear a mask, unless they have a medical condition that means they are unable to do so.

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience in this matter.


Card and smartphone payments are currently the safest way to pay for goods and services, as contactless payments mean that no physical contact is required with the card terminal, and no handling of cash or cheques is necessary. For this reason, we ask that you pay contactlessly if possible.

This new £100 limit for cards should mean that all of your payments to us can now be made contactlessly in a single transaction (unless your card issuer implements a security check, in which case you will be asked to enter your PIN).


We are delighted to welcome local osteopath Emily Kenyon to the practice. We have known Emily for a good number of years, as she has been practising independently in North Cornwall and has built up a great reputation with both her patients and colleagues in the area. She has now decided that she would like to spend part of her week working alongside other therapists in a multi-disciplinary practice and we couldn’t be happier that she has chosen to join us from mid-September onwards.

Read more about Emily here.

Card payments now accepted

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We felt that was about time to start easing ourselves gently in to the 21st Century, so we now have a shiny new card terminal!

We can now accept most major credit and debit cards, as well as contactless payments up to £45.

Coronavirus advice

Government advice is now that we should all stay home except for certain essential reasons. We aim to support these requirements until we are are sure that the possible risks of infection are less than they are at present.

We are still checking messages regularly so, if you need any support or advice, please call and leave your name and number and we’ll ring you back by the next “working” day.

If you think you might have coronavirus symptoms, you should contact the NHS 111 service online. You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

It is most likely that the virus is spread in cough or sneeze droplets, either in the air or on people’s hands. Full advice is available via the NHS online.

You can reduce risk by washing hands with soap and water regularly, for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer gels are a reasonable alternative, but not as good as soap and water!

You should cough or sneeze into a tissue – or the crook of your elbow – and then throw the tissue in a bin immediately.

You should try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

See our main page for updates.

Counsellor Debbie Waters – welcome to the practice.

Debbie Waters photo

We are delighted to tell you that counsellor / psychotherapist Debbie Waters is joining the team, to replace Michelle Glover, who has moved away. With Debbie working alongside Malcolm Retallick, we are able to continue to provide greater choice to prospective clients, who may feel more comfortable talking to a woman or who can only find time to come in on certain days.

Debbie will be offering appointments on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, whilst Malcolm is available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please call the practice on 01208 812048 to arrange your free introductory phone chat with Debbie, with no obligations, or use the direct contact details at the bottom of her site page here.