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We are delighted to welcome local osteopath Emily Kenyon to the practice. We have known Emily for a good number of years, as she has been practising independently in North Cornwall and has built up a great reputation with both her patients and colleagues in the area. She has now decided that she would like to spend part of her week working alongside other therapists in a multi-disciplinary practice and we couldn’t be happier that she has chosen to join us from mid-September onwards.

Read more about Emily here.


Despite the lifting of certain restrictions by the Government, our representative bodies have told us that we should continue to maintain our high level of infection control procedures.

Therefore, all staff in the practice will still be wearing appropriate PPE, we will continue with our rigorous cleaning protocols and all patients and clients will still be asked to sanitise or wash hands on entry and to wear a mask unless they can prove that they are medically exempt.

Given the surge in reported infection rates and the fact that a number of our patients and clients are classed as medically vulnerable, we believe that this is absolutely the correct course of action and we will be adhering to this guidance diligently.

Stay safe and thank you for your understanding.


In accordance with our efforts to ensure clarity and fairness in our pricing structure, May 1st will see our planned annual price rise of just £1 for most of our “hands-on” treatments, as long as cost of living increases stay at about the current level. This way, everybody knows what to expect and can plan accordingly.

This year, unfortunately, due to the covid pandemic, we will also have to add a small supplement of £1 towards the additional cost of the PPE and enhanced hygeine procedures needed for each visit. We have tried to bear the cost of this for as long as possible, during the most difficult part of the pandemic for many people, but we are no longer able to sustain this extra burden when our business continues to be so affected.                                                           

Thank you for your understanding.

Adapting the way we work during COVID-19

LP in maskI’m sure many of you have been wondering when it is going to be safe to come back in to see us again. Well, no visit to anywhere outside your home can be considered risk-free at the moment.

However, we have just put the finishing touches to our risk assessments and infection control procedures, so we have a very clear idea of exactly how we are going to make treating you as safe as possible while the pandemic continues. Full details are now on this website and on our Facebook page, but you can rest assured that we have stocked up on hand sanitiser, face masks, aprons, gloves and cleaning materials!

We’ve missed you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again when you feel it is safe enough for you to come in.

Card payments now accepted

shopping business money pay
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We felt that was about time to start easing ourselves gently in to the 21st Century, so we now have a shiny new card terminal!

We can now accept most major credit and debit cards, as well as contactless payments up to £45.

Coronavirus advice

Government advice is now that we should all stay home except for certain essential reasons. We aim to support these requirements until we are are sure that the possible risks of infection are less than they are at present.

We are still checking messages regularly so, if you need any support or advice, please call and leave your name and number and we’ll ring you back by the next “working” day.

If you think you might have coronavirus symptoms, you should contact the NHS 111 service online. You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

It is most likely that the virus is spread in cough or sneeze droplets, either in the air or on people’s hands. Full advice is available via the NHS online.

You can reduce risk by washing hands with soap and water regularly, for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer gels are a reasonable alternative, but not as good as soap and water!

You should cough or sneeze into a tissue – or the crook of your elbow – and then throw the tissue in a bin immediately.

You should try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

See our main page for updates.

Counsellor Debbie Waters – welcome to the practice.

Debbie Waters photo

We are delighted to tell you that counsellor / psychotherapist Debbie Waters is joining the team, to replace Michelle Glover, who has moved away. With Debbie working alongside Malcolm Retallick, we are able to continue to provide greater choice to prospective clients, who may feel more comfortable talking to a woman or who can only find time to come in on certain days.

Debbie will be offering appointments on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, whilst Malcolm is available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please call the practice on 01208 812048 to arrange your free introductory phone chat with Debbie, with no obligations, or use the direct contact details at the bottom of her site page here.

Protecting your privacy

When you visit us for your first consultation or treatment, we have to ask you to fill in a consent form covering consultation, examination and treatment (where appropriate), and data protection (including record keeping and communication preferences). Copies of these forms can be found via the “Protecting Your Privacy” drop-down menu on our website or via the link in the next paragraph. Please arrive 10 minutes or so before your scheduled time to complete the paperwork without disrupting your appointment.

Since 25th May 2018, all businesses have become subject to data protection legislation known as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As such, we have a duty to tell you what personal data we collect and why, how we store it and who has access to it. Following is a summary of some of the key points. Our detailed Privacy Statement can be found via the main menu, or you can follow this link.

Information and Communication

When you supply your personal details to this clinic, they are stored and processed for 3 reasons:

  1. We have a legal obligation to maintain medical notes, in order to provide you with the most appropriate treatment.
  2. Provided we have your consent, we may need to contact you in order to confirm your appointments with us, or to update you or your doctor on matters related to your care. Under the GDPR, this is known as legitimate interest.
  3. Again, provided we have your consent, we may occasionally send you specific information relevant to your care, in the form of articles, advice or newsletters. This, too, constitutes legitimate interest under the GDPR.

Your Records

Your records are stored on paper, in a locked filing cabinet, and the office is always locked out of working hours.

We have a legal obligation to retain your records for 8 years after your most recent appointment (or age 25, if this is longer), and they will usually be destroyed after this period.

If we contact you via an email address that you have given us, that address will be stored on the email service provider’s system.


We will never share your data with anyone who does not need access without your written consent, unless we are directed to do so by a legal authority.

Only the following people will have routine access to your data:

  • Our reception staff will have access to your contact details, because they organise our practitioners’ diaries, and coordinate appointments and reminders. They do not have access to your medical history or sensitive personal information.
  • Your practitioner(s), in order that they can provide you with appropriate treatment.


Ann Retallick is changing her status!

AnnFrom the 9th of May 2017, Ann has decided to withdraw from the Register of Osteopaths. She feels that the registration fees are prohibitively expensive when she is only working on a very part-time basis.

Do not despair, though – this does not mean that she is stopping work. It simply means that she will no longer be allowed to use the title of “Osteopath”. Ann is fully entitled to continue with her wonderful manipulative and cranial therapy work in exactly the same way, and intends to do so for as long as possible! Thank goodness – what would we do without her?